- December 26, 2018

Unique Asian-centric perspectives and designs can be found in cities throughout the region, and they make great subjects for stock photography. Be it iconic products associated with Asian countries or design elements in architecture, Asian influence on cities have survived centuries of urbanization. We list six of the best Asian designs from contributors that were undiscovered … until now.


6 Previously Undiscovered Designs in Asian Cities

#1 Myanmar Traditional Umbrellas

Inle Lake, Myanmar
Photographer: Nhiem Hoang

Nhiem Hoang/PIXERF

These handmade beauties are not unlike the Asian umbrellas from other parts of the region, but their intricate designs exhibit the characteristics of Myanmar’s culture, which is heavily influenced by neighbouring countries such as India, China and Thailand.


#2 Temple Lion Head Door Knockers

Chinatown, Singapore
Photographer: Justin Lee

Justin Lee/PIXERF

A common sight at temples, door knockers are usually adorned with lion head designs that serve as feng shui protection. In ancient times, these temple lion head knockers were believed to be guardians that prevented bad energy and evil people from crossing the threshold.


#3 Peranakan Shophouses

Geylang, Singapore
Photographer: Justin Lee

Justin Lee/PIXERF

The Peranakans or Straits Chinese adorned their homes with eclectic designs that were intricate and elegant. Many shophouses in Singapore have been preserved and restored to keep their culture alive.


#4 Gyeongbokgung Palace Roof

Seoul, Korea
Photographer: Firdauz Ahmad

Firdauz Ahmad/PIXERF

We may not look up and stare at roofs very often, but you totally should when you’re at Gyeongbokgung. The intricacy of its roof design extends into every single groove. If you look closely, you’ll spot some gorgeous mandalas.


#5 Humayun’s Tomb Ceiling

New Delhi, India
Photographer: Harjot Singh

Harjot Singh/PIXERF

A monochrome image of the ceiling in Humayan’s tomb shows a very intricate mandala inside a bigger mandala that is outlined with ‘lace’. We often don’t look up enough to see the beauty that is right above us.


#6 Wat Phu Prao Tree of Life

Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand
Photographer: Kittikhun Yadfung

Kittikhun Yadfung/PIXERF

The back of the main temple of Wat Phu Prao is home to a fine carving of the Tree of Life, extending its roots to the temple grounds. At dusk, the tree’s luminescent paint comes alive in vivid colours.

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