- September 7, 2018

Much like fashion, photography trends evolve with time and it’s always good to jump on the bandwagon early. Whether you are a stock photographer or a creative, recognising emerging photography trends will help you lay out visual marketing strategy for the coming months. Here are nine photography trends in 2018 that will help you stay ahead of the pack.


#1 Bold Women

Nazir Azhari/PIXERF

Topping our list is the inclusion of real, bold women as a symbol of strength and humanity. With the increasing intensity of gender politics, women are moving away from stereotypes to show that they are just as human as everyone else. Expect to see imagery of strong women getting their hands gritty or killin’ it sans makeup and heels.


#2 Monochromes


Forever a classic, monochrome framing creates timeless photos that focus on emotion and design, without the influence of colour psychology. Trust us, monochromes will never get old.


#3 No Filters

Nellie Ngoo/PIXERF

For the realists of the photography world, unfiltered images are the epitome of camera skills. More people want to master the art of capturing what is real in a photo — imperfections and all.


#4 Nature’s Art

Andy Wong/PIXERF

With the rise of mixed media, much of it will involve natural elements creating balance in a tech-heavy world. From marble swirls to plant veins, authentic design will have roots in nature.


#5 White Textures

Shu Hui Neo/PIXERF

All the craze in 2017, white textures create elegant multidimensional shots that are also timeless. Intricate and sharp details reflect patterns seen in nature, giving the viewer a sense of grounding. Expect to see this trend soar in 2018 as creatives move towards minimalism.


#6 Global Narratives, Better Lives

Athena Tan/PIXERF

As technology continues making the world smaller, the sharing of images showing the way of life of people around the globe will increase. More people will borrow ideas, share knowledge, and be woke. Photographers will connect with people across continents, creating content that speaks to wider audiences and hopefully, effects change.


#7 Tropical Photography

Yik Keat Lee/PIXERF

Building on the trend of nature’s art, you will see more tropical elements brought into frames, and subjects brought outdoors, without the clichés. (Stop abusing pineapples, please.) The tropics have long been associated with an escape from rigidness, and bringing this into visual marketing will allow brands to sell a lifestyle that consumers want to live.


#8 Live, Vivid Colours


Moving away from filters and old-film styles, the photography of 2018 will see more vivid colours, much like your real HDTV. We’ll also see higher contrasts and more unusual colour pairings to create a vibrant bubble-gum feel, much like a Wes Anderson film.


#9 Movement and Virtuality

Augustine Yuen/PIXERF

We’ve seen more engagement with content that people relate to, so movement and virtuality will become popular as viewers feel like they are in the photo, not just looking at it. This will gear marketing efforts towards selling a lifestyle that involves the use of products and services.