- November 5, 2017

Tales by Light

Watch if you’re hunting for ideas for your next epic travel photography project.

The Pitch Tag along with the world’s best photographers as they travel the world in pursuit of breathtaking shots and untold stories. From the exuberantly colourful Festival of Holi in India to an army of penguins in Antarctica, the show illuminates the stories, perspectives and hard work that go behind the final image. But there’s more to the episodes than shots worth bragging about. The show’s respect for the culture and history surrounding its subject matters, and the humanity of those behind and in front of the lens, will get you thinking about what it means to be a photographer.


Chef’s Table

Watch if you’re an aspiring food photographer or stylist who wants to kick it up a notch.

The Pitch Helmed by director David Gelb (Jiro Dreams of Sushi), this Emmy-nominated series whisks you inside the kitchens and dining rooms of the world’s most celebrated restaurants, from New York to Peru. Shot with a reverential eye, the show brings visual splendour and drama to every frame, turning every kitchen ritual, ingredient and final dish into show-stopping masterpieces. Not to be upstaged by their creations, the chefs turn in some memorable stories and monologues on matters ranging from creativity, respecting one’s culture, to the meaning of life itself. It’s a riveting food for thought.


Abstract: The Art of Design

Watch if you want to see how the creative greats do it.

The Pitch Design is everywhere. Executive produced by Scott Dadich, former Editor-in-Chief of Wired, this docu-series trains its incisive lens on different facets of great design  — the witty illustrations gracing New Yorker magazine’s iconic covers, the inventive tech powering Nike’s iconic Air Jordan sneakers, or Ilsa Crawford’s empathy-centric spaces. If photography is your chief passion, don’t miss Episode 7, where fearless photographer Platon tells us how he captured the souls of the most influential figures of our time, from Barack Obama to Mark Zuckerberg.


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