- March 7, 2019

Having met Sal Lavallo last year on the judging panel for Asian Geographic’s Images of Asia photo competition, we were intrigued by his unique story: he had left a corporate job to become one of the youngest persons to have visited every country in the world, including – most recently and surprisingly – Yemen.

Having amassed a following of over 40,000 on Instagram and defining himself as “not a photographer, but someone who goes to pretty places to take pretty pictures”, we wanted to find out how Sal started on his journey, carved out a niche identity within a very cluttered social sphere, and where he found the courage to wade into places like Kabul, South Sudan . . . and did we mention Yemen?

You’ve probably read the original article here, so tune into the full podcast below and listen to Sal talk about about his journey across the world, as well as his own personal journey as he treks through every country in the world.