- April 13, 2018

A specialist in still life photography, Silva firmly believes that social media is a key platform to level the playing field for female photographers in Indonesia. Here’s our interview with her.


On being a female photographer in Indonesia

We have to challenge and change the mindsets of those who believe female photographers have less ability than male photographers. Indonesia can be outdated in its thinking but this is slowly changing, and with social media as a platform where women like me can display our work and artform, confidence in our ability is growing. Now, there are more people like me who can stand toe to toe with male photographers in terms of talent.

Soda Exploding Out of the Bottle


On opportunity

Indonesia is a great place where we can sharpen our skills, if we connect with each other, learn from each other and socialise our art. There are so many small and medium enterprises dominated by women in Indonesia. I am confident that if we women are persistent and confident, eventually our work will gain the respect it deserves.

Sate: One of Indonesia’s Many Delicacies


On her heroes

Luisamoron, Aimee Twitter and Daria Kalugina. Silva specialises in still and food photography. Check out some of her stock photo submissions on PIXERF below.

Flat-lay View of Asian Ceramic Plates

Bubur Sumsum: An Indonesian Dessert

Fruit Ninja: A Play on Sliced Lemon


Silva is a savvy still life photographer and has more than 16,000 followers on Instagram. A believer in commercial stock photography, she may be young in years but has a good 10 years of experience in still life photography.