- April 13, 2018

Hailing from the Land of Smiles, Sawitree is a young travel stock photographer who believes talent is far more important than gender and creativity can be a driving force to bind a society and uplift them to greater heights. Here are some of her thoughts.


On passion

I started off with a passion in art, which grew into my love for photography. For me, it was a way to capture my memories and easily store them. That drove me to pick up my camera everyday. It all started from a simple desire that has transformed over time and has become a part of my life.

Ready to Conquer the World

On challenges

In Thailand, some clients see the female photographer as lesser simply by virtue of her gender. They may not give us the same value but I think in my country, this is slowly changing. How we as female photographers can unlock true change and remove this bias is through good work and persistence. My hope is that the industry will have a more open mind and the pool of talented female photographers can slowly increase. Creativity has no gender and talent can bring us together and drive us forward as a society.

Being One with Nature

On her heroes

I look up to Maria Na Klaibaan; her work brings her all over the world and she has the courage to experience new places, here in Thailand and all over the world. Just look at her body of work – major events, cultural festivals – she is everywhere! I am inspired to follow in her footsteps but to also create my own journey as a photographer.

Celebrating the Great Outdoors

Heading Towards the Unknown

Kicking It Back on a Lazy Sunday

Sawitree is a 26-year-old travel stock photographer and a university graduate. She decided to explore the potential in stock photography just three years ago and has not looked back since.