- August 11, 2020

Missing the MasterChef series? Feast your eyes on these mouth-watering shots as the #SuddenlyChef challenge comes to a delicious finish!

And that’s a wrap for the third Mission in our #StayHomeStayCreative challenge! If you haven’t been keeping tabs, here’s a quick recap. Inspired by the sudden burst of creativity on social media during the COVID-19 lockdown period, we decided to launch a series of challenges to give our community of creators and everyone who loves photography a platform to try something different (and flex their photography skills while they’re at it). The previous challenge, #OutsideMyWindow, proved quite a hit, and that got us even more excited for this one. True to form, the response from the community has more than lived up to our expectations.

Sifting icing sugar on a stack of home-baked sugar donuts. PIXERF.

Pour the Sugar by Lia Indriani/PIXERF

Bowl and cups of refreshing and fruity home-made desserts. PIXERF.

Home made dishes by Jerome Jerdoet/PIXERF

We knew from the get-go that this Mission would strike a chord. After all, it’s about homemade food, a subject close to the heart of just about everyone, especially Asia-based creators. It’s a well-known fact that Asia is home to opinionated foodies and home cooks. We could spend hours debating whose beef rendang recipe is the best, whether an ice cream machine is worth the money, or the best ways to boost the flavour of that sambal belachan. When it comes to food, everyone gets really competitive.

Asian food: Spicy Thai Seafood Noodles with prawns, eggs, and meatballs. Photo by Jun Sin, PIXERF

Spicy Thai Noodles by Jun Sin/PIXERF

Steamed Taro also known as yam cake. Asian cuisine.

Steam Taro by Susanty Tan/PIXERF

Rendang, Authentic Asian Food Minangkabau Cuisine. Photo by Siska Yuliana, PIXERF.

Rendang by Siska Yuliana/PIXERF

The brief is simple: cook up something awesome in your kitchen, then shoot it. But this showdown was not reserved only for talented amateur chefs. Even those who consistently burn their fried rice stood a chance, if someone in their household knew how to work the wok. As long as the cooking happened under the same roof, it was good enough. Basically: make it delicious, and make it look really good.

Bowl of fried rice with sunny side up egg, shot for a home business in Indonesia. PIXERF.

Fried rice with egg by Indah Meitasari/PIXERF

Nasi Goreng Kebuli (Indonesian fried rice) flatlay with asinan nanas (pineapple in spicy and sour sauce). PIXERF.

Nasi Goreng Kebuli by Silva Sandiarini/PIXERF

As the number of submissions began to rise (like a good dough in the oven), we knew we had something special in our hand. In the end, the challenge netted 550 submissions from all over Asia. But it wasn’t just about the numbers. We were bowled over by the quality and diversity of the submissions. Breakfasts and dinners. Comforting soups and decadent courses. Healthy desserts and sugary treats. Western fare and Southeast Asian favourites. It was a feast of colours and textures, artfully composed and creatively shot. And each plate is brimming with a home chef’s loving touch.

Poached eggs on toast for breakfast. PIXERF.

Art of cravings by Zhi Yi/PIXERF

Taditional Nasi Lemak with chicken wings and drumsticks, egg, fried anchovies (ikan bilis) and chilli served in white ceramic plates. PIXERF.

Nasi Lemak by William Tow/PIXERF

Three servings of tasty western chicken and smoked duck aglio olio pasta served on white ceremic plates. PIXERF

Pasta by William Tow/PIXERF

Chinese seafood dumpling soup with scallop and prawns. PIXERF.

Dumpling Soup by Eliana Tang/PIXERF

Healthy and nutritious snack or meal topped with mixed fruits - banana, kiwi, peach blueberry and peanuts. PIXERF.

My love for food by Sheena Choo/PIXERF

Pouring honey over a stack of delicious blueberry and strawberry pancake dessert. PIXERF

Blueberry & Strawberry Pancake by The Creators/PIXERF

Unfortunately, it made selecting the winners a pretty tall order. With rumbling stomachs, our judges debated the merit of each pick at length until we agreed on the winners’ list. Curious to see who came out on top? Watch this video to find out (and get a glimpse of other photos who have won our hearts).

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