- November 9, 2017

Everyone is on the content marketing bandwagon, but only a few understand the value of the narrative. Sewing a few pictures together or saying a few words to the camera every so often is not going to get you an attentive audience. Some brands take things too far — with sky-high budgets and sets that make even Hollywood take notice; only for their campaign to fall flat because it was too scripted.

So how do you maximise your reach, budget and effectiveness? Here are five simple tips that anyone can use to up your content marketing game.


1. Images are everything

Ryan Peters/PIXERF

Moving or not, choosing the right visual asset is key in attracting your audience. Not only must the shot be great, but it must be relevant to your audience and tell a compelling story. Gimmicks work fine as long as they are placed in the right context, like running a humorous blog or YouTube page. They also don’t have to be of top level quality, as long as they fulfil the criteria above. You’d be surprised at how effective a mobile phone camera can be when used right.


2. What’s the story, morning glory?

Ahim Rani/PIXERF

Pair every visual asset with a compelling story. The narrative works hand in hand with the appropriate stock photo or video. They transform your brand into a story. It humanises corporations. It creates lasting impressions. The hard truth is that beyond liking a product, no one cares about your stats or years of R&D. They want drama — so give it to them.


3. Less is more

Shu Hui Neo/PIXERF

Don’t throw a million images at your consumer hoping one will stick. In the digital age of the dreaded ‘swipe’, your audience will be quick to dismiss and even quicker to create a negative relationship with your brand. Be strategic, know your audience and choose the right visual asset.


4. With a little help from your friends…

Yik Keat Lee/PIXERF

The great thing about choosing a killer image is that the likelihood of it going viral is much higher. No marketing is more effective or cheaper than word-of-mouth. This is the holy grail of content marketing normally spoken in hush whispers over office water-coolers.


5. You’ll feel great when a plan comes together

Athena Tan/PIXERF

Planning is one of the most overlooked components of content marketing. Take a macro-view of your campaign and see if the narrative makes sense. Is there a progression to your story? Do your images link to the narrative? Is there a build-up? What are you trying to achieve? If you do not do this, you will lose coherence and at the same time, your audience.

We know it’s been said many times before, but content truly is king. And in a world where the average person is expected to own five connected devices each by 2020, the speed and appetite for content consumption will only grow. So use that to your advantage! Capture the attention of your target audience with meaningful visuals that resonate with them.

Are you a marketing guru and would like to share your tips on how to garner great results from a campaign? Get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.